Anurak Jungle Dinner

Amongst the lush surrounds of Anurak Lodge, the aura of Khao Sok emanates; the jungle is alive and breathing. Imagine how forest communities a century ago lived in harmony with nature. No plastic, no glass, no metal; just the tools the jungle provided.

In the modern world, we forget that we don’t always need our modern conveniences. The preparation of meals is a human trait that extends back thousands of years – and it’s a ritual we’ve always performed regardless of the tools available. With the surrounding ambience of Khao Sok National Park, take a step back in time and discover how the local forest communities created culinary delights more than a century ago.

Join us for an Anurak Jungle Dinner and discover how villagers created sumptuous dishes relying on nothing but the forest. Learn how to grill meat wrapped in palm leaves over an open fire, discover how bamboo can be used to boil water and make soups, and find out how to combine fresh ingredients to create a taste sensation like no other. Cooked naturally on an open fire, the wood smoke, sweet bamboo stem and natural ingredients really bring out the jungle flavours in meals. Eco-friendly, healthy and delicious.


Start time: 6pm
Duration: 2 to 2.5 hours
Group size: 2–12 people

What’s included:

  • Experienced chefs
  • Ingredients
  • Cooking materials
  • Menu: Tom Yam Kung (spicy soup with shrimp); Kaeng Liang (spicy mixed vegetable soup); Kai Tom Sapparot (chicken soup with pineapple); Gai Yang (grilled chicken); and Khao Nieaw (sticky rice)

What to bring:

  • Your appetite!
  • Camera

Important Notes: Please notify us about your dietary requirements and/or allergies when booking your Anurak Jungle Dinner.