National Parks and Sanctuaries

National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries

Khao Sok National Park is part of a cluster of national parks and sanctuaries that covers an area of over 3,500km2. This area includes the Kaeng Krueng, Sri Phang Nga and Khlong Naka national parks as well as the Khlong Saeng, Khlong Yan and Khlong Naka wildlife sanctuaries. What is the difference between national parks and wildlife sanctuaries? In general wildlife sanctuaries are less accessible to the public than national parks and offer more protection to flora and fauna than national parks. National parks are allowed to develop facilities for tourists. To enter a wildlife sanctuary you need permission in advance of the Department of National Parks in Bangkok.

Ferquently asked questions Great Hornbill in flight at Khao Sok National park

Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1974 by Royal Decree. It encompassed 1,155 square kilometres of dense forest.

dusky langur in the forest of Khao Sok National Park
Rafflesia Flowera at Khao Sok Nature Trail
Barking Deer in Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary

"Khlong" is the Thai word for a tributary or canal.