Khao Sok Elephant Experience

The Khao Sok Elephant Experience is a heartwarming meeting with one of most impressive and friendly animals in Thailand.¬†Elephants are a part of Thailand’s natural and cultural heritage. Elephants are found in the wild in national parks and in wildlife conservation areas throughout the country, including Khao Sok National Park. For centuries people have captured wild elephants. So-called domesticated elephants were put to work as pack animals and dragging logs in the forest industry. Nowadays elephant are employed in tourism.

We will transfer you to the elephant farm, not far from Anurak Lodge. You will learn about the Asian elephant, an animal that is threatened with extinction. You will also learn about the many controversies surrounding the treatment of elephants in tourism. The elephant though has a good life and enjoy his retirement. You will get to know him a little bit and will prepare a delicious meal for him. This is a lot of fun. He will enjoy his meal under your watchful eyes. You can take pictures with him and caress him. Be careful though. Even though elephants might have been in captivity for a long time, they still are wild animals. The elephant loves interaction with human but not too many. This is why we only do the visit with groups less than ten people.

After his meal the elephant always enjoys a baht in his private swimming pool and he loves company. You can join him and help washing and rubbing him clean because he easily gets dirty. This elephant really has a good life. Needless to say: our Khao Sok elephant experience doesn’t allow elephant riding. The Khao Sok Elephant Experience last about two hours. Afterwards we will transfer you back to Anurak Lodge. Please note: the program can start at any time of the day between 0900 and 1500 but capacity is limited.

Tour details:
Starting time: 09.00 / 15.00
Length of time: approximately 2 hours

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return transfers to/from Anurak
program as described
local guide
drinking water
fruit and meal to feed Somboon

Not included

Not included:
Any other services

What to bring:

bathing suit/shorts/t-shirt
mobile power bank
waterproof bag/container

What guests say about our Khao Sok Elephant Experience

“"A must do trip is the visit to meet Somboon the elephant where you have a one to one experience that you will never forget. Learning how the family saved him is heart warming and knowing he can now live out his days in this sanctuary.”

Martin CarterSeptember 15, 2017

“"Also washed and feeded an elephant nearby, what a joy was that! "”

Jolande MulderJune 23, 2017

“"Meeting the elephant called Somboon was a memorable experience. Highly recommended. Good information. Enjoyed bathing with Somboon!"”

Lodewijk RademakersOctober 1, 2017

“"We spent a wonderful morning with Somboon, the elephant. We prepared his meal and scrubbed him clean in the water. We really loved it."”

Maria de Souza FariaMarch 20, 2017