Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary

Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1974 by Royal Decree. It encompassed 1,155 square kilometres of dense forest. “Khlong” is the Thai word for a tributary or canal. The main tributaries of the Khlong Saeng valley include the Saeng, Ya, Yan, Ake, Mon, Ye and Mui that made up the mighty Khlong Saeng. It ran wild from the Phuket range down to the Mae Tapi River in Surat Thani and eventually into the Gulf of Thailand. The riverine habitat teemed with flora and fauna, and the ecosystem was absolutely pristine. Tigers and Leopards lived alongside many prey species like sambar, muntjac and wild pig. Elephant and gaur were fairly common. It was a magnificent wilderness at one time but still retains much of its beauty.

The construction of the Rajaphrabha Dam resulted in the inundation of 165 square kilometres of the Khlong Saeng Valley. Where rivers and forest previously existed, large waterways now provide easy boat access to virgin wilderness. The skeletal forms of what were once huge forest trees stand as a reminder of what disappeared when the reservoir filled in the late 80s. Probably the most impressive scenic site in the Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary is the massive limestone ‘karst’ formations that were formed sometime during the mid to late Permian era, over 200 million years ago. These collosal outcrops, some reaching as high as almost 1000 meters, are as impressive as the famous towers in Phang Nga Bay more south.

Leopard, Banteng, Dusky Langur, White-Handed Gibbon, Malayan Tapir, stump-tailed macaque and Malayan Sun Bear occur in Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary.  According to wildlife photographer Lawrence Bruce Kekule gaur is probably the icon of wildlife in this sanctuary. They are found only around the upper reaches of Khlong Saeng and several other tributaries. Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary is one of Thailand’s best reserves for the species, due to the dense moist evergreen forest. There seem to be some elephants but their numbers seem to have declined.  Bird species include Bat Hawk, Lesser Fish-Eagle, Wallace’s Hawk Eagle and the Great Argues. Seven kingfisher species, five hornbill species and 12 woodpecker species are among the park’s more flamboyant birds.

As yet Anurak doesn’t offer tours to the Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary.