Khao Sok National Park

One of the oldest rainforests in the world

The boundary of the National Park is located just behind Anurak Lodge

The Khao Sok National Park covers an area of 739 square kilometers. Khao Sok is part of a cluster of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries that covers an area of over 3,500km2. This area includes the Kaeng Krueng, Sri Phang Nga and Khlong Naka national parks as well as the Khlong Saeng, Khlong Yan and Khlong Naka wildlife sanctuaries. What is the difference between national parks and wildlife sanctuaries? In general wildlife sanctuaries are less accessible to the public than national parks and offer more protection to flora and fauna than national parks.

The Rainforest

One of the oldest in the world

The rainforest of Khao Sok National Park is one of the oldest in the world. Ice ages didn’t affect the climate in the area very much. The landmass is relatively small and has seas on both sides: the Gulf of Siam on the east and the Andaman Sea on the West.

The Khao Sok region didn’t suffer a lot from droughts and always received enough rainfall to sustain the forests. Biodiversity is high in Khao Sok National Park and adjacent protected areas. This is because sea levels during the last ice age fell to such an extent that a land bridge between Malaysia, Borneo and some of the Indonesian islands was created. This opened up new migration routes for land-based organisms which explains the high biodiversity.

Khao Sok is famous for its limestone or ‘karst’ mountains. Ground level varies between 200m and 400m above sea level. The highest peak of Khao Sok National Park is 960m.

Anurak Lodge organizes tours and hikes into the national park.