Khao Sok Jungle Dinner

One of our most popular activities is what we call our Anurak Jungle Dinner Experience. This is like a journey back in time. The jungle dinner experience is a combination between a cooking demonstration and a dinner. In the days before there was a kitchen with modern cooking utensils people prepared meals on the spot using natural utensils.

In the past the area of Khao Sok National Park used to be a vast rainforest. There were no roads. The Sok River was the main route of transportation. People were living along the river in small settlements using bamboo rafts as means of transportation. The jungle was teeming with wildlife such as tigers, leopards, elephants, gibbons, tapirs, wild buffaloes and birds such as hornbills. Villagers used to go into the forest for several days hunting and gathering forest products. They camped in the forest and prepared meals.

We will show you how food used to be prepared in the middle of the jungle. It is a fascinating experience. On open fire with the use of bamboo and with cooking skills that was passed down from generation to generation you will watch how a delicious meal is being cooked for you by our master jungle cook. You can assist him if you want and learn some of his cooking skills.

During the fun course you learn to cook four different dishes of meat and vegetables, using local herbs and spices. Vegetarian dishes are available as well. We serve fruit of the season as dessert.

The Anurak Jungle Dinner Experience starts at 1800 and lasts about 1,5 hours. The dinner will take place at the bamboo restaurant of Anurak Lodge. Join us! Please inform us 24 hours in advance if you are interested.

Jungle Diner Experience food on display in bamboo containers