Anurak Shadow Puppets

We can organize a special Anurak Shadow Puppets performance. Anurak Lodge is not only dedicated to the conservation of the natural world but also to the conservation of traditional art forms such as Shadow Puppets. Shadow puppet theatre in Thailand is called Nang Yai. In the south there is a tradition called Nang Talung. Nang Yai puppets are normally made of cowhide and rattan. The Nang Talung is played with leather puppets, each representing a separate character, about 50 centimeters high. They usually possess a movable, jointed arm controlled by a string.Performances are normally accompanied by a combination of songs and chants. The Nang’s theater troupe usually consists of five to ten puppeteers and musicians. The teachers and presenters of the Nang Talung are called Nai Nang. Currently there are over 300 Nai Nang in the South Thailand.

They perform using the puppets on a backlighted white screen, and hide themselves in small wood and bamboo shelters. The performances run from dusk to dawn and incorporate narration, songs, prose, and the performer’s improvised dialogue. The rhythm and fluidity of each performance is essential in maintaining audience interest, thus the Nai Nang must vary their techniques and story lines to incorporate characters such as gods and goddesses, kings and queens, magical figures, and comedians.

Shadow play is popular in various cultures and among both children and adults in many countries around the world. Currently there are more than 20 countries known to have shadow puppet troupes. Shadow play is an old tradition and it has a long history in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia. Our shadow puppet performers come from nearby villages. We can organize this an Anurak Shadow Puppets performance on request for groups. Please contact us at least a week in advance. The performance will take place in our outdoor venue.

Anurak Shadow Puppets in action