Anurak Nora Traditional Dance

We can organize on request a special performance of Anurak Nora traditional dance. Anurak Lodge is not only dedicated to the conservation of the natural world but also to the traditions of South Thailand. Nora is a form of dance-drama performed mainly in the southernmost provinces of Thailand and the northern parts of Malaysia. The name Nora is a shortened form of the name Manora. She is the standard heroine of an ancient tale, which often serves as the plot material for this type of dance-drama. The genre is also known as Lakhon Nora, Nora Chatri, Manora, or Menora. Traditionally, Nora has been interwoven with elements of ancestor worship and spirit possession while it is also, at the same time, a complex form of dance-drama. Performances dominated by the ritual elements are often called “Ancient Nora” while the more entertaining performances are called “Modern Nora”.
Nora has its own music tradition. Its language is Southern Thai dialect and its movement techniques appear to have come almost directly from as far as India. Nora Dance has an undeniable magical character. Its origin has been the subject of much speculation. According to one theory, it is the link between the ancient theatrical forms of the Malay Peninsula and the Lakhon of Central Thailand, and possibly the basic form of the other Lakhon types. To ensure that the Manora dance is preserved as a national heritage, Thai authorities on cultural matters are speeding up the registration of the performance to be listed by UNESCO’s Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Our Nora performers come from nearby villages. We organize Nora performances only on special request for groups. The performance will take place at the outdoor venue of Anurak Lodge. We need at least three days notification in advance to be able to organize this special Anurak Nora Traditional Dance performance.

Local dancer from the side Anurak Nora TraditionAnurak Nora Traditional Dance