Anurak Lodge Nature Trail

There are a number of activities you can do at Anurak Lodge. We have an exciting jungle hike you can do on your own. It starts opposite the entrance of the Lodge. There are clear signs showing you the way. The trail takes about one hour at a leisurely pace and is easy.

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Giant tree on the trail Khao Sok Nature Trail
served in bamboo Khao Sok Jungle Dinner

Khao Sok Jungle Dinner Experience

One of the Anurak Lodge activities is what we call our Khao Sok Jungle Dinner Experience. This is like a journey back in time, an adventure in the wilderness. It is an experience that is a combination between a cooking course and a dinner. Here you will learn to prepare food in the middle of the jungle. It is a fascinating experience. On open fire with the use of bamboo and with cooking skills that was passed down from generation to generation you will cook a delicious meal.

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Anurak Nora traditional dance

We can organize on request a special performance of Anurak Nora traditional dance. Anurak Lodge is not only
dedicated to the conservation of the natural world but also to the traditions of South Thailand. Nora is a form of dance-drama performed mainly in the southernmost provinces of Thailand and the northern parts of Malaysia. The name Nora is a shortened form of the name Manora. She is the standard heroine of an ancient tale, which often serves as the plot material for this type of dance-drama.

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Girl performing
Anurak Shadow Puppets performance

Anurak Shadow Puppets

We can organize a special Anurak Shadow Puppets performance. Anurak Lodge is not only dedicated to the conservation of the natural world but also to the conservation of traditional art forms such as Shadow Puppets. Shadow puppet theatre in  South Thailand is called Nang Talung. Nang Talung is played with leather puppets, each representing a separate character, about 50 centimeters high. They usually possess a movable, jointed arm controlled by a string.Performances are normally accompanied by a combination of songs and chants. The Nang’s theater troupe usually consists of five to ten puppeteers and musicians. The teachers and presenters of the Nang Talung are called Nai Nang.

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