Anurak Jungle Dinner

Have you ever wondered how Thai forest communities in Khao Sok and other isolated parts of the country cooked their meals a century ago? Back then, small villages didn’t necessarily have access to metal cooking utensils and so they had to rely on the forest for their cooking implements.

During your Anurak Jungle Dinner, we will take you back in time and demonstrate how you can cook some delicious Thai cuisine, using only bamboo and palm leaves. You will be shown how to prepare all the ingredients, as if you were living in the jungle. You will also learn how to grill pork and other meats, wrapped in palm leaves and then placed on an open fire. Bamboo, which is hollow and very tough, will be used to boil water and make soups. Cooked naturally on an open fire, the wood smoke, sweet bamboo stem and natural ingredients really bring out the jungle flavours.

You will then sit down to enjoy your Anurak Jungle Dinner!

NOTE: When booking your Anurak Jungle Dinner, please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.




Start time: 6.00 pm
Tour Length: 2 to 2.5 hours
Minimum: 2 people
Maximum: 12 people

Tour includes:
  • Meet your cook/guide at our Common Room near the entrance to Anurak Community Lodge
  • Learn about the different types of local herbs and spices and how they are used in Thai food
  • Prepare all the ingredients and discover how to boil rice and cook on an open fire, using bamboo and other natural implements
  • Anurak Jungle Dinner menu: tom yam kung (spicy soup with shrimp); kaeng liang (spicy mixed vegetable soup); and kai tom sapparot (chicken soup with pineapple)
  • Sit down to enjoy your Anurak Jungle Dinner!
Not included:
  • Beverages
  • Services not described in the program
  • Tipping
What to bring:
  • Your appetite!
  • Camera/phone to take photos of the cooking process

IMPORTANT: Please notify us about your dietary requirements and/or allergies when booking your Anurak Jungle Dinner.

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